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  1. Wrath
    PSN - extblackwrath Let me know who you are when adding
  2. Pred
    anyone for xbox hmu
  3. R4GIN4SI4N7
    Back to the Xbox grind
  4. Pred
  5. Pred
    Chiilin Killin
  6. MaluNYMets
    Baracking the vote
  7. Wrath
  8. Defiance
  9. Shot78
    Welcome to the site! If you have any questions feel free to just ask!
  10. Shot78
    Shot78 DeadlyGhost02
    What up bruh
  11. LuWeegie
    LuWeegie mic--
    Long time no see man. Been a while since we teamed up on the U.
  12. frapjr123
  13. Draven
    Draven Pred
    Hello to you to sir.
  14. nadaleva
  15. titan
    titan MaluNYMets
    ill take on u,that damn bear and nukkahbukka
  16. titan
    titan MaluNYMets
    u wanna 1v1? Add me up. Firing range, pistols and javelins only!
  17. titan
    titan MaluNYMets
    u trying to hustle me? I run these streets and i play for keeps! Wipe ur face, its bleeding. Oh and ur argument is invalid!
  18. bleachrulez
    bleachrulez Your-Grimreaper
    pretty boy what you doing!
  19. xNavie
    xNavie Arnim
    Sounds good But I may have changed it so look up the name Navie Navarro
  20. Shot78
    Shot78 xNavie
    Yo - Good to see you're still around!